Blues and Haikus

I am so fucking resolute. I am so fucking tired. I am so fucking thirsty. I don't jive well with tricks. IPA's are the bee's knees. If you feel like dancing, dance with me.

Today I came home from my lame grown up job feeling like a kid again. Crunching numbers all day is a real killer. It’s terrifying when you look up at the clock to see that two hours have passed and your brain had, at some point, shut off. In the middle of this there was a company meeting and there was some babble about someone in some branch getting a promotion and moving away to China, blah, blah, blah, we’ve increased sales by blah, blah, blah, BY THE WAY CHRISTMAS PARTY! LET’S GET DRUNK! BRING A PLUS ONE! IT’S ON US. Drunk!? A plus one!?! FOR FREE!?? WEEE! I listened to some Dr. Dog on the ride back driving through the city where I went to high school, through the town where I had worked as an angry environmental leading teenager and got followed by an angry turkey and chased down deer on a green tractor, drove by the old park I played in as a kid, and Devendra burst through the speakers. It all meant one thing: Cheerios. An unnecessarily large bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with an equally unnecessarily large spoon to boot. I’ll quit my lazy reminiscin’ and go for my run now. 

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